• Our Story

    Throughout the years


    Establishment of Madaen Star for Contracting by Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hudaithi as a sole proprietorship.


    Establishment Madaen Star for Automotive Services “Zaiti” that owns and operates gas stations and provides automotive & petroleum services.


    Establishment Madaen Star for Real Estate to develop and manage real estate projects.


    Establishment of Madaen Star for Dates, “Lateen”, specialized in the trade and manufacturing of food products, chocolate, manufacturing & packaging of dates.

    Establishment of Madaen Star for Travel & Tourism, “MASTA”, to provide travel, hotel booking and other services to individual clients and corporations.


    Completion of Al-Hada Real Estate development Project, stages 1 & 2, with 1,074 plots for commercial & residential use.

    Also started the development of Al-Kharj National Park “Al-Mashtal”, the first partnership “BOT” between the public and the private sectors, and the biggest commercial development in Al-Kharj City, over 300,000 sqm including parks, shopping mall, restaurants, furnished apartments, chalets, gas stations, and all required support services.


    Completion of Al-Wooroud Real Estate development Project with 2,391 plots for commercial & residential use.


    Completion of the construction of Al-Hudaithi Mall, the biggest commercial center in AL-Kharj City, built over 43,000 sqm and includes over 400 shops.

    And establishment of Madaen Star for Entertainment “Fun Gate” for operation and management of kids’ entertainment areas, sports facilities, and recreational and events centers.


    Establishment of Madaen Star for Security Services to provide specialized and high-quality security service to corporations and commercial centers.


    Madaen Star for Contracting Establishment was converted to Madaen Star Group, a closed joint stock company with an increase in paid up capital.


    Al-Hudaithi Mall, along with other Real Estate Properties were acquired by ZAWAYA Real Estate Company - a newly established company owned by Madaen Star Group and members/companies of Al-Hudaithi Family, against capital share in the company.


    Completion of Al-Hada Real Estate development Project, stages 3 & 4, with 3,042 plots for commercial & residential use.


    Completion of Madaen Industrial City Real Estate development Project in Al-Sulai with 289 plots for industrial use.


    Madaen Star for Automotive Services “Zaiti”, which had expanded to own and operate 53 gas stations, was acquired by SASCO, a public company listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange.

    Madaen Star Group moved to its new head office in Al-Rabwa Plaza.


    Madaen Star Group started exploring real estate investment opportunities in European Developed Markets and invested in prime properties to diversify its investment portfolio and improve its future returns.


    Based on our belief in the Saudi Economy, and the positive 2030 vision of the Kingdom, Madaen Star Group increased its investments in the Saudi Stock Exchange in selective sectors with a strategic and long-term vision. 


    The next generation of young and motivated offspring joined the Group and started to play an essential role in the future development of the business. With their creative ideas, modern vision, and commitment, they started the journey to take Madaen Star Group to a new phase and write another success story.