• Investment Funds
    Investment Funds

    Certain investment opportunities are only accessible through investment funds which are regulated by the Capital Market Authority. The Group allocates a percentage of its investments into investment funds to diversify risk. These funds allow the Group to access investment opportunities with reputable names and track record, and to generate returns through capital appreciation and a predefined exit strategy.

    Merak Capital​

    The company investments are done across different asset classes, with a primary focus on the private equity class.
    The company focuses on technology as the main driver for growth across the globe, and specifically in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Our investment in Merak Capital is in a private equity medium-term fund and an exit strategy with capital appreciation and acceptable return on investment.

    Mulkia Investment​

    The company provides diversified and integrated financial and investment services tailored to suit the goals of individuals and institutions of different types and sizes. Investments in Mulkia Funds are mainly related to the real estate sector and are of income generation nature.