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Associate Companies

The Group is always looking for growth in the core business and diversify the risk. To achieve such targets, the Group strategy is to build partnerships with well-established companies who have successful track record, reputation, experts in their business, and have the vision and resources for achievements, by having a non-controlling stake in such companies to capitalize on their resources.

Zawaya Real Estate Co.

A Saudi joint stock company (closed) with a capital of 481.24 million riyals, 40.99% owned by Madaen Star Group Company. Its most important activities are focused on investing in the purchase and construction of real estate projects, investment in building real estate products required in the market, partnering in strategic real estate investments, real estate development, leasing and property management. Zawaya Real Estate Company aims to work on upgrading real estate investment as well as seeking to add a special imprint that distinguishes it from other companies in this field by using most innovative methods in developing the real estate sector.

Saudi Financing Company for Trading

The company focuses on investment activities mainly in the Saudi Equity Market. The company strategy is to invest in selective business sectors targeting capital appreciation along with dividend income.

Yanbu Real Estate Development Co

Yanbu industrial city has become the beneficiary of high-speed industrialization. The efficient city layout, wide roads, sufficient public spaces, green parks, and 2030 Kingdom Vision all indicate the vitality of this fast-growing city. The company was established to capture future opportunities and target real estate development in Yanbu City in addition to selective investments in the real estate market.